Pins of the Week

This first pin is something I am really considering buying.


They are called Kam Snaps. They are the little plastic poppers you get at the end of your duvet cover.


They add a really professional finish to projects (as you can see above) and they have great reviews for being very strong and reliable. The thing I like best is the huge range of colours and that the snaps also come in star and heart shapes. Also it is quite affordable to get started as there are great starter packs on eBay. I think I will be making a purchase very soon.


This next pin is an embroidery design form Urban Threads. I love the tattoo style however if I get any more craft related tattoos I may look obsessed.


I am hoping to make something like this today to keep my phone, a small note book and a pen. I spent yesterday evening trying to plan the dimensions and now after seeing this one I this I will be changing it again.


I picked up some mod podge at hobbycraft last week and I am thinking of doing some decoupage to make some matching pots to keep my desk tidy. I like the floral design, it’s a bit of a theme in the craft room. I seriously need to upgrade from the cracked jug, mug with no handle and bottom half of a water bottle that I an currently using.

Well I hope you enjoyed my pins. What’s your favourite of this week?


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