Gadget Crafting and Alpaca Petting

My apologies for my short absence from the blog but I have been a very busy lady recently. My last four weekends have been busy celebrating various birthdays but last weekend I did get some time to my self to do some crafting. If you know me then you will know that any gadget that enters my home will end up being crafted around and I finally got around to making a sleeve for the new laptop/tablet .


I used some fabric from my stash that I forgot I had. I really wanted to do something different from the many other gadget cases I had made so I decided to add some piping to the edge and I am pretty pleased with the way it turned out.

In other news, after finishing the gadget sleeve me and the beloved went to Totnes Rare Breeds Farm to tick off one of the things on the list of stuff to do before I’m 30. I got to pet (and feed) an Alpaca!

wpid-picsart_1406226309151.jpgI was so pleased. I love alpacas and their wool. These guys had just been shaved but they were still very soft.  The farm was a great place to visit, we also saw many types of goat,  red and black squirrels, lots of beautiful owls and tiny little field mice. I would highly recommend a visit.

So I have been saving the big news for last. Two weeks ago my beloved proposed.


Yes, had to get the ring re-sized.

I am so happy I am lost for words. We are hoping to get married in 2016 so there may be some wedding crafts coming up soon.

Thanks for reading 🙂


Moving Forward

My new baby

My new baby

I have had a brief hiatus from blogging while I was waiting for my new toy to arrive. I got a windows surface tablet/pc to replace my old net book. I was thinking about getting a Mac Book air but I would need to sell a kidney to afford it. Then I learnt about the surface, it’s like a pc but you can download apps like a tablet. I am hoping to start making videos soon with craft tutorials so any suggestions on what you would like to see would be great. I also have a small tripod on the way so I can use my phone to make videos so hopefully this is the start of some awesome things happening.