Pins of the week

I decided I would do a regular post where I round up my favourite Pinterest pins of the week and share them with you.


We have recently been talking about going to the Harry Potter Studios in London and I really want to make this jacket. It’s so simple, you can get a blazer pretty cheap at primark and the patches on eBay. I know plenty of friends who would also go crazy for this!


I have been seeing lots of African Flower Patterns on pinterest and I’m a sucker for bright colours. I still can’t belive I haven’t made any of these yet as I’m usually caught up in what ever crafty trend is happening. 


I love this patchwork cushion from the quilting dee. I’ve been looking for patterns where I can use more of my patchwork templates and this patterns has an inspiring collection of fabrics and stitching.


This pin makes me feel dumb as I had never thought of this before. Just placing a stitch marker when you make your cable helps you keep track of what row you are on. I’ll need this soon when I knit my new cushion covers.

So what are your favourite pins of this week?


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