Success at the Festival


Over the weekend we had a stall at Freedom Fields Festival. My mum was selling her lovely button jewellery and I sold various crafty bits. It went really well. We had to pay £30 for the stall for the two days so we shared the cost and I am really pleased that I covered the cost to the table and made £24 profit which is going into the boots fund. Mum also did really well make over £30 in one day. I think I need to re – think my stock for future craft fairs as there were some items that people didn’t even look at.


I was really happy that this Link hat sold as I was stitching late into the night to get it finished the night before the festival.


I also made a few other quick bits and sold the mugs.

On the second day I started crocheting a blanket and managed to get it covering my knees to keep me warm.


I am using what I am calling the mystery balls of yarn. I was donated 3 big bags full of yarn and some of them were these mystery balls. They are all aran thickness and different coloured scraps all wound together. I am making a granny square blanket just to use up the yarn and am planning to do a little competition on Facebook to win the finished blanket so keep your eyes peeled 🙂


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