Crafting with the sniffles.

I have had a delightful throat infection this week and I have been off yesterday and today trying to recover in time for beloved’s birthday.  Although salt water gargle is disgusting it seems to be helping.

Anyway,  on to the craft. I have been doing little bits of the quilt in the mornings before work and I have now finished the quilting.


So it is all trimmed now and ready for binding.  I have some lovely bright pink fabric with batik stars that will be a nice contrast. Just need to cut the strips and get sewing but that can wait till I have more energy.

At the beginning of this week I whipped up these little pouches to keep my hand bag organised.


The pink one is one of my favourite patterns I have used it multiple times for gifts etc as it’s a really handy little pouch. I use it to keep plasters and pain killers like a little first aid kit.

The blue one is the first time I have done a boxy pouch and I am really pleased with the way it turned out. I use it to keep my many lip balms and lipsticks in. I figured making a small pouch will limit the number that I carry around with me. I plan to make a receipt wallet to match soon so I will post pictures when that is done.

After the sock disaster last week I have started knitting a new pair of socks


They are in a lovely 4ply cotton and wool blend from my stash. My gran found the yarn in a charity shop and got it for me 🙂 I’m using 2.5mm needles so the progress is slow and beloved will be getting an IOU for this birthday but they will get done sooner or later.


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