How to make a weaving frame.

This week I decided to have a go at making a weaving frame/loom so thought I would share the process with you all.

You will need:
1 wooden picture frame or similar
Washi tape


I picked up a cork notice board for pretty cheap so I used a Stanley knife to cut out the cork part to leave the frame (yes that is my awesome floral Stanley knife)


The frame looked pretty ugly so I decided to put Washi tape around it to make it look better.


Once it’s all covered I started hammering nails into the frame at about half a centimeter apart but it’s up to you how close you want them to be. The hammering part took some time but it is worth taking your time so that the nails are straight.  If they are leaning into the frame then the yarn may pop off when you are putting the weft on.


This is the loom with it loaded up with yarn and ready to start weaving.

And this is the first little bit of weaving I have tried. I’m looking forward to trying difficult techniques like herring bone and experimenting with colours and different types of yarn.

It’s been an awesome easter. My gran came to visit from Scotland and as we are a crafty family we had a good time looking at all the craft shops and making pompoms to turn into easter chicks. I entertained my neices and I am so pround of my 7 year old neice learning how to knit.

We visited one of our favourite craft shop Funky Poppy and I got some button shaped nobs to use when I make over my desk and I also saw these awesome steam punk style buttons.


I’m glad this week that I picked up the wadding to get cracking with my quilt. So I have that one prepped and ready to sew now. I ordered a vintage thundercats duvet cover from eBay to make my beloved a quilt also. I can’t wait for that to arrive.


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