Time to fess up

I decided that my first proper post would be a confession of my many works in progess, in a hope it might spur me to finish a few things. I joke that I have craft ADHD, I start one project then get excited about something new and start something else and before I know it the craft room is hiding many unfinished works.

Just one piece on the needles at the moment. I started knitting the Duchess Raglan Jumper after Christmas with some aran wool held double. But true to classic form I have stopped at the waist and haven’t looked at it for some time. Still need to consider if I want to continue with it, maybe I’ll start again when the weather is colder.


This is a ripple blanket I have been working on as a commission so this is the priority project at the moment. It’s going to be a baby blanket although I have made it a little two big for a cot blanket so we’ll just have to wait and see what the finished product will look like.

I started this granny square blanket in January. It was originally going to be a throw for the sofa but I’m contemplating making it into a bed runner instead. Ooh, choices!


I have been working on these crochet squares for some time now. I’m using a rich green 4ply yarn so it’s quite light and lacey. I found the pattern in a book of 101 crocheted squares and thought this one had a nice vintage feel to it. Again I am thinking of making this into a bed runner or give it to someone as a gift.

This is one of my favourites. It’s a hexagon patchwork I am hand sewing using English paper piecing. I found the unfinished quilt in a charity shop. Lots of hexagons were already mounted onto card so I started sewing the rest together. I love all of the vintage fabrics in this one. I’m hoping it will be a large lap blanket when it’s done.
This is another quilt using English paper piecing and I am quilting and joining by machine. I am also trying the quilt as you go method. I did want this to be a double bed quilt but think this will take a long time so maybe a bed runner will be better (can you tell that I totally want a bed runner! )

This is quite a new one. I got the fabric from a craft shop in Liskeard. I loved the panel and it has coordinating fabric to go with it which made it so much easier to choose. I managed to get all the strips together in a day. Just waiting to pick up the batting then I can get quilting this beast! Very excited about this one, how could I not be with those adorable animals!

This is Ruby modelling a very shapeless dress I got for £1 in a charity shop. I need to work on my dressmaking skills so I plan to practice darts etc on cheap second hand clothing. That way I won’t be wasting expensive fabric if I mess up.

This is a rag rug that I started in September last year but progress is very slow. I got the rug making tools at a big craft show in Exeter and I have been using some old shirts. One day it will be a bathmat. I just hope the burlap doesn’t smell when it gets wet.

Well that is my confession in full. Hopefully I can get lots of stuff done but it is very likely that new projects will join this list too. I refuse to limit myself, I very much enjoy getting excited about new projects and there are always new and wonderful things to discover. Looking forward to sharing it all with you.


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